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Intro to Long Range Rifle


     Intro to Long Range Rifle is a 1 1/2  day course learning the shooting fundamentals in order to hit your target at extended distances from 100 yards to 300 yards. 

     Friday evening classroom training consists of familiarization of long range shooting equipment, terminology, communication, setup, and other considerations for being able to shoot long range.

     Saturday is hands-on training and shooting on the range applying the classroom material. Sighting-in, cold bore shots, dot drills, chronograph, data gathering, wind reading, shooter/spotter communication, and using over 100 rounds downrange to punch holes in paper targets and bang steel targets.

   At the end of this class, you will feel comfortable making shots with your own rifle at 300 yards or even farther!

   Check out our Calendar Page for future course dates.

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Gun Shop & Range Hours

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