3rd Annual Coyote Competition - January 25, 2014


Awards Presentation

Colin Cole
Colin Cole

Colin Cole custom designed all of the coyote skull trophies for the 3rd Annual Coyote Competition.

25 total kill
25 total kill

Even with wind gusts of 40-50mph, hunters downed 25 coyotes.

Lunch and big stories!!
Lunch and big stories!!

Colin Cole
Colin Cole

Colin Cole custom designed all of the coyote skull trophies for the 3rd Annual Coyote Competition.


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X RING CUSTOM held their 3rd Annual Coyote Competition on Saturday, January 25, 2014. At 4:30 am, a total of 58 teams from surrounding counties (grand total of 116 hunters - 114 men and 2 brave women) came in early to pick up bite sticks that had to be placed in the coyote's mouth to be counted for the competition. Hunters also received door prize tickets while they enjoyed coffee and donuts and discussed their huntng plans for the day. Each team braved the strong wind gusts and cold wind chills, yet they still called in coyotes throughout the day. Even with the adverse weather conditions, a total of 25 coyotes were killed. Many hunters took a break from the cold and enjoyed hot chili, Italian deer, and chicken and noodles for lunch.


 At promptly 7:00 pm, only coyotes that were on the premises were counted after careful inspection from the check-in crew, all coyotes were considered fresh kills. Many hunters received various door prizes of gun cleaning products, t-shirts, tools, hunting dvd's, reloading manuals, hats, and other hunting related items from area and corporate sponsors including: Colin Cole's Soft Tanning and European Skull Mounts, Jansen Cable Construction, Inc., Zander's Sporting Goods, Brownell's, Pro-Shot Products, Sierra Bullets, Quest Holsters, and X RING CUSTOM. The winner of the Savage Axis 223 donated by Jansen Cable Construction, Inc. in Effingham was Randy Milone from Effingham, IL. Keith McClelland of Sigel, IL was the winner of the Savage Axis 243 rifle.


 Cash prizes and custom designed coyote skull mount trophies made by Colin Cole of Toledo, IL were given to the winning teams. Since there was a tie for 1st place with the number of coyotes brought in, the largest combined total weight of the coyotes was tallied to break the tie. Bringing in three coyotes weighing 106.55 lbs was Justin Nice of Teutopolis, IL and Keith McClellan of Sigel, IL claiming the 1st place prize. Todd Hewing of Hidalgo, IL and Dave Staley of Newton, IL also brought in three coyotes weighing 89.7 lbs which grabbed them 2nd place. There was a three way tie for 3rd place which went to Ryan Koester and Brock Mellendorf both of Teutopolis, IL with two coyotes weighing 78.2 lbs. Also, Ryan Koester and Brock Mellendorf snagged the biggest coyote which weighed 44.65 lbs.


 Even though the hunters had a rough day hunting due to the weather, many hunting stories surfaced and many memories were made throughout the day. X RING CUSTOM is looking forward to planning an even bigger event with the 4th Annual Coyote Competition on January 31, 2015.

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Coyote Competiton in the News

2014 X-RING Coyote hunt a booming success

January 31, 2014 Journal Gazette

The 2014 annual coyote competition may have been a "booming success" or a "cracking success," depending upon the armament the competing team chose, but it was an amazing success either way.

X Ring Custom holds annual Coyote Competition

January 29, 2014 Journal Gazette

TOLEDO - X RING CUSTOM held its Third Annual Coyote Competition on Jan. 25. A total of 58 teams, including 114 men and two women, from throughout the area turned out for the competition despite strong gusts and cold wind chills that day.

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