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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to have a FOID card to take an ICC or a NRA Class?

A FOID card is not required for a training class unles you are bringing your own firearm. However, you must meet all of the requirements and be eligible to obtain a FOID card.


What do I need to purchase a firearm in Illinois?

A buyer is legally required to provide a driver's license, a current FOID card, and complete a Federal  4473 form which will be approved by the Illinois State Police.


How long after a firearm purchase can the buyer take the firearm?

After approval from the state, long guns and pistols can be picked up after 72 hours.


Where can I get a FOID Card or Join the NRA?

X RING CUSTOM can provide assistance in applying online for a FOID card along with taking your picture.  Also, NRA membership application forms are available.

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Where can I get information and updates on the 430 ILCS 66 Illinois Firearm Concealed Carry Act?

Information and updates are available on the Illinois State Police (ISP) webpage.  Below is a link to the ISP website for information and updates:


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